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Free Shipping On Orders over $100!!

Travel Mini Faux Chalk Boards Games - 5"x7" Boards Games

Our Mini Mat Travel Collection is perfect for on the go - traveling, in the car, on the plane, restaurants, church and anywhere else you can think of!


  • 4 double sided 5"x7" mini boards with the following games: whale watching, tic-tac-toe, hanging spider, guess my sketch, Alphabet game, connect four, dots and boxes.
  • 5 chalk crayons
  • machine washable travel bag

Directions for games are fairly simple, well known games and can easily be searched online for a video tutorial, if needed!

Whale watching - a two player game -  is a kid friendly version of battleship - the whales are hidden in the “ocean” and kids  take turns guessing the space where their opponents whale may be hidden - Example Square “A2” - if there is a whale in that space, they say yes and cross that square off the opponent's side of their board, this continues until the first person finds their opponents whales.

Tic Tac Toe - A 2 player game - one player is X the other is O - they each take turns writing their letter in an open space. The goal is the first to get 3 in a row while blocking the other player from winning.

Hanging Spider is a kid friendly version of HangMan. This is a 2 player game, the first player will think of a word, and draw the number of spaces for each letter of that word at the bottom of the board. The 2nd player takes guesses at the letters in the word - each incorrect letter gu'essed, the 1st player will draw a leg or the main body of the spider. The goal is to guess the word before the spider is completed.

Guess my Sketch is 2+ player game. Player one will begin to draw anything they can think of - while they draw, the other players will try to guess what is being drawn. First person to guess correctly wins a point. You may create your own rules on this one such as the first player to guess 10 correct wins the game. You also may implement a timer to draw and guess, such as a minute max.

Alphabet game is great for on the go - kids can write or draw things they see beginning with each letter.

Connect Four is a 2 player game. Each player takes turns in colouring in one circle - the goal is to get 4 in a row while blocking your opponent from doing so first.

Dots and Boxes is a 2 player game where each person has a different color crayon and takes turns connecting 2 dots with a line. As more and more lines are drawn, boxes will start to form and the only option will to be closing the box. Once you have closed off a box, you colour it in with your color. If you close a box, you get a second turn. The goal of the game is to have the most boxes closed at the end - this game is easily explained with a quick video search online. 

- Our Mini Mats are perfect for on the go - traveling, in the car, on the plane, restaurants, church and anywhere else you can think of!

- Simply wipes clean with a damp cloth or baby wipe!

- These are NOT real chalkboards - they are meant to look like a chalkboard, however write and clean up much easier! They're made to be used with chalk markers or chalk crayons - dry chalk will not work.