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Free Shipping On Orders over $100!!

Stabilo Pastel 3 in 1 Reusable Crayons


These large wood Stabilo crayons are the perfect tool for kids - a colored pencil, watercolor and wax crayon all-in-one, with extra-thick, soft, rich strokes. Whether colouring on paper, fabric or doodling, this 5 piece set is the ultimate crowd-pleaser.

The pencils show up brightly on dark papers, and can also write on smooth surfaces like glass.

STABILO woody 3 in 1 pencils are long lasting, as the large 10mm pigment contains as much colour as eight standard colouring pencils. They are so versatile they can even complement the more mature artist’s toolkit.

Perfect BREAK-FREE Crayon option for little ones that like to toss their crayons on the floor!

Each set comes with 6 colours & a sharpener

Non Toxic

Kid friendly

Easy Clean Up

For use on our boards or coloring mats, if you notice any stains at all we recommend the use of lemon or orange essential oil. Olive oil or even a simple magic eraser!

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