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Free Shipping On Orders over $100!!

Chalk Markers - Individual

Individual Chalk Marker Add Ons
Available 3mm Size

Our chalk markers have a reversible tip feature - bullet on one side and chisel for more precise writing on the other side. Chalk markers are a great, no mess way to write sharp lines all while still being easily erasable.

The great thing about these chalk markers, is there are more ways you can use them! They write on glass, mirrors, windshields, shop windows, dry erase boards, acrylic boards and any other non porous surfaces! Simply use a wet cloth to wipe away.

Non - Toxic - Recommended for Children aged 3 and up.

It is possible you may find streaks from the chalk markers on your board or colouring mat if you leave the ink on for too long. We have found that orange + lemon essential oils work like magic to remove lines! If you do not have these try some rubbing alcohol or olive oil!

We do always recommend supervision with children and suggest ages 3+. As with regular markers and paint, these chalk markers can get messy, so play clothes or an apron would be ideal to protect clothing!

First Use

When you use a chalk marker for the first time, the nib needs to be depressed. To do so, press the nib multiple times up and down onto a scrap piece of paper. Once you do that, the ink will start to flow. If you have troubles, place the cap back on and shake well (you should hear a clicking sound as you shake) 


The cap should always be placed back on the chalk marker when it is not in use. They should be stored either upright or in a horizontal position.

Tip Details

Bullet tip: Round head and looks much like a bullet (hence the name). It is often small in size and has more of a fine tip. It is more regularly used to draw fine lines, or for writing.

Chisel tip: Body is tapered towards the top and looks much like the tip of a chisel. It can be used to create a variety of lines with different thickness, depending on the angle at which it is held.

Color: Light Purple
Medium Yellow
Light Yellow
Dark Teal
Light Teal
Cobalt Blue
Medium Blue
Light Blue
Sky Blue
Dark Purple
Light Purple
Hot Pink
Medium Pink
Flamingo Pink
Light Pink