Potty Chart

Potty Chart

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Our simple potty chart is perfect for kids learning!
The simple design makes it easy for families to customize it the way that works best for your family.

Ideas to use the chart:
-Have your child check off a circle for each time they Sit on the Potty - Use the Potty for Number 1 - Use the potty for number 2.
-Have your child check only one circle multiple times per day.

-Use a different color marker and row for Sitting on the potty/trying , Pees and Poos. Use a different reward for each row .
- Give a small reward once they reach a star - (ie. Marshmallows, smarties/M&Ms, jelly bean etc)
Once they successfully mark off all 3 stars, the reward could be larger, such as a movie or ice cream date or a toy, a mini shopping spree at the dollar store etc - something your child would love and respond to best!

Simply mark your board with a dry erase or chalk marker for the week and erase to start the next week! We have also seen our boards work well with ultra washable crayola markers.

These measure 10” x 10”
Your board includes one black dry erase marker, so you can use it the same day you receive it!

If you have multiple children each child could have their own color to keep track of!
Add a set of colourful wet-erase chalk markers to your order here:

**Please note - similar to a dry erase board - you may notice slight discolouration with use. This will not affect the integrity of our products.
However, we have found that using a drop of lemon or orange essential oil and a soft cloth has been extremely effective in removing stains. Please see our FAQ section for other options.

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