Erasable Family Calendar + Planner

Erasable Family Calendar + Planner

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A reusable calendar plus menu board! Its perfection!
Or use the weekly side to track important appointments and reminders!

These are a perfect fit on your pantry door, fridge or wall!
Magnets or an adhesive sawtooth can be added free of charge. Please choose option at checkout)
(3M or sticky tack also works wonderful for applying these! Although we do not supply those)

Chalk Markers or Dry erase work great!
Measures 12” x 19”
Your board includes a set of black, red, green and blue wet erase chalk markers, so you can use it the same day you receive it!

**Please note - similar to a dry erase board - you may notice slight discolouration with use. This will not affect the integrity of our products.
However, we have found that using a drop of lemon or orange essential oil and a soft cloth has been extremely effective in removing stains

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